26th Wind Energy Days "Welcome in the meantime"

in Warnemünde

26. Windenergietage "Willkommen in der Zwischenzeit", 7. bis 9. November 2017 in Warnemünde

At the Wind Energy Days, the trade’s top event, information, experience and communication take the centre stage.
ANOVA will be on location as exhibitor and will be actively taking part in the congress.

At the Forum 1.1 on you will be greeted by a workshop full of variety around the topic "Qualification with digital media in the wind energy trade":

  • Safety briefing: "Working at heights"
  • Work safety trail: Learning with the smartphone
  • Practical explanatory film with the title "How to tie a monkey fist?"

We look forward to exciting talks, practical exercises and an exchange of experiences with you.

eLearning SUMMIT Tour 2017 Ludwigsburg

The motto of this year's SUMMIT TOUR, "e-learning scenarios in practice", heralds an exchange of experiences between e-learning professionals. The SUMMIT TOUR once again invites 100 education managers and project leaders to extraordinary locations at each of its regional conferences.

At the eLearning SUMMIT TOUR station in Ludwigsburg, with speed geeking under the slogan "IN A NUTSHELL", ANOVA presents concrete application scenarios for mobile learning at work on the example of work safety.

eLearning SUMMIT Tour 2017 Ludwigsburg

NEW: Demo for the course series on protection and safety at work

"Where can I take a look at it?" is a frequently asked question about our work safety modules. In the decision making process for employing digital media in instructions, the visual impression is of great importance.

Next to important operation principles and didactical considerations, our demo of selected modules from the course series shows our standard of high quality visuals. Get yourself an impression!

see demo

download demo

Demo for the course series on protection and safety at work

ANOVA meeting point "Welcome on Board" – a review

Our 3rd ANOVA meeting point took place September 29th, 2016 in Rostock.
With his keynote speech "Compliance – what’s behind it? Support through e-learning", Georg Schranner of the VWIS GmbH introduced the topic.
During an island hopping on the topics welcoming to a company, introduction to rules and performance of security briefings, concrete examples of use were presented. Our topic island "Put knowledge to action" with a 3D animation on tying a sailor's know was particularly popular.
Afterwards, we discussed experiences and possibilities of the digital support of onboarding with our guests from industry, trade and education.

The ANOVA team thanks all participants for their active contributions.

3rd ANOVA meeting point

3rd ANOVA meeting point

NEW: WBT series Compliance* –
Know and observe the rules

Legal regulations determine the business scope of action. If they are not observed, there is a threat of painful penalties and a loss of reputation.
The management's values and attitudes strongly shape the cooperation within the company and with business partners.

What is important to you and in your company?

ANOVA supports VIWIS GmbH in the conception and graphic design of the WBT series Compliance. Seven topics are now available in German and English, more are in progress.

Different aspects of compliance are presented interactively, vividly and practically – in support of a "culture of trust". Employees get to know the most important topics and rules and can test their attitudes and actions.
The level of knowledge and the theoretical instructions are documented with a certified test.

Please contact us for further information!

* Partner product of the VIWIS GmbH

WBT series "Compliance"

ANOVA meeting point at the IHK Stuttgart – a review

Under the heading "On fire – an exchange of experiences with digital offerings for health and safety instructions", personnel managers and workplace safety specialists from companies and professional organisations discussed modern solutions and legal regulations for qualification in the area of workplace safety.
Our current production, a 3D training system on preventative fire protection in a realistically simulated work environment found high interest. The participants were also keen to try the practical fire extinguishing training at the fire simulator created by the Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer, Vienna.

ANOVA meeting point 2016

ANOVA meeting point 2016

Up-to-date ANOVA training modules on fire protection available!

The ANOVA learning programs on fire protection are now available in a fully updated edition. Based on the blended learning principle, they support companies in the regularly required training of all employees, e. g. as a preparation for practical exercises.

Fire prevention depends on the inclusion of all involved parties. What do your employees expect today, how can they be motivated to occupy themselves with the topic? Interactive, vivid, practical and therefore memorable – that’s how today’s learning media should be designed.
With the new learning modules "Grundlagen im Brandschutz" (basics of fire protection), "Vorbeugender Brandschutz" (preventive fire protection) and "Abwehrender Brandschutz" (defensive fire protection), ANOVA faces up to these requirements: with motivational trailers, a mix of question and answer pages, films about types of fires and the handling of fire extinguishers as well as an online test with certificate.

more on work safety

WBT "Abwehrender Brandschutz"

Guideline "E-Learning in Companies"

What does e-learning signify? How can it be applied in medium-sized companies?
In collaboration with the eBusiness-Lotse Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we have prepared a guideline on the topic "learning and working with digital media" (German only). It provides an understandable, consise introduction with practical recommendations and operating instructions.
The document is offered for free on the Website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the area "Mittelstand Digital".

Leitfaden "E-Learning in Unternehmen"

ANOVA meeting point June 26th, 2015 – Review

Under the heading "On fire: Exchange of experiences with digital offerings for health and safety instructions", human resources managers and health and safety professionals from companies and trade associations discussed modern solutions and legal rules for qualification in the health and safety area. ANOVA presented the current portfolio of digital learning contents for health and safety trainings. Beside the demonstration of fire extinguishing equipment with a hands-on training on the use of portable fire extinguishers, the info tower with 3D presentations, showcased by the BG RCI (trade association for raw materials and chemical industry) found great interest.

The ANOVA team thanks all attendees for their active participation!

ANOVA meeting point 2015

ANOVA meeting point 2015