The software for interior design: ambiente®

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The virtual showroom: ambiente® online

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ambiente® online

The retail store for home textiles on the Internet: ambiente® shopware

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ambiente® shopware

More than 20 years experience in programming: ANOVA's product configurators

You need an instrument to present your high quality and technical mature products in their entire variety to the specialized trade and to the end customer?

We develop the ideal solution for you

  • e. g. for sun shades, curtain poles, track systems, system furniture and others
  • with data-base supported, structured management of production data
  • with selection and visualization of your products following defined application-, sales- or product-specific criteria – easy and fast display of product variants
  • with generation of piece and accessory lists, automatic pricing and order function
  • available in the internet and on CD-ROM

Present trends and sell products: our online showrooms

We set up an online showroom for you – with the combination of the sophisticated mapping technology for manipulating photos with electronic catalogs of goods (shop systems) you can reach and acquire customers worldwide.

In the online showroom you can present all products in the field of living room and object interior – fabrics for curtains and decorations, upholstery, bed covers, clothing, outdoor sunshades, garden-, camping- and leisure furniture, facade and roof design and car interior design and more.

See what isn't there yet: article simulation

We have developed converters for product simulation (optimized for different textile technologies), that convert the data coming from a certain manufacturing pre-stage (draft, CAD or machine data) into photorealistic pictures.

This allows marketing before production and reduces the costs for samples – you don't need a sample of the fabric and gain forerun for the marketing of your products.

Article simulation Article simulation Article simulation

Create accurate pattern repeats: the RapportFinder

The RapportFinder, a software tool for the creation of textures usable in CAD, was developed for the automatic search for repeating patterns in article digitisation. The RapportFinder makes it possible to combine the photograph of the article with a difference image, extract the pattern repeat and reduce shadings at the repeat edges. The result are high-quality digital image data of a cropped pattern repeat as a basis for article databases and mapped images.

A blaze of patterns: the GridEditor

The GridEditor offers the possibility of applying patterns and colors to any object in a photo. By defining grids (similar to texture mapping), material distortion, covering, pleats and similar can be represented – transparency as well. The result is a mapping image that – provided high-resolution base images are used – can also be used in print media, for catalogues, pattern books etc.