Learning management systems -
A tidy house, a tidy mind!

A learning management system helps you to organize a further education centre via the web.

As an institution of education you can manage learners and tutors with it. As a learner you can find learning materials here. Tutors get an insight into the learning progress of the learners.

Learning management systems make communication and co-operation in learning and teaching easy, either via discussion forums and chats on the one hand or via social software like wikis and weblogs on the other.


Learning platform
Learning platform

based on the Open Source system OLAT, for large learning groups, flexibly scalable, user-friendly

» more info at lms.anova.de

Learning management system COBiLOT
Learning management system COBiLOT

Open Source based product, solid basic function for small learning groups

» more info at www.cobilot.de